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Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps, a place where the night is lived to the fullest. An ideal night for a porteño usually starts at 10:00 at night, when groups of friends come together to enjoy dinner, then move to the bars around midnight, finally, after two at dawn, go to nightclubs or discos (bowls according to local language) and from there the party does not stop until after the sun rises.

lugares de conciertos en buenos aires
Bars, rock and records

San Telmo by night

In the bohemian neighborhood of San Telmo we will find one of the largest gastronomic and young poles in the city. Here we will find a large number of restaurants, bars and breweries that stand out for their attractive happy hours. Although the center of the San Telmo nightlife is Plaza Dorrego, we can also find different options such as Chile, Defense, Carlos Calvo, Bolívar Street

Dorrego Square:

Around the classic Plaza Dorrego there are different bars and restaurants, some of which have bands that play live music. Many of these bars have tables in the square making it an ideal place to go out during hot summer nights. The most classic are the Café Dorrego or Bar Guevara, Café del arbol and El Balcón located on the first floor with great views of the square.

Bars and Pubs in San Telmo:

The cobbled streets of San Telmo are full of bars and pubs, where laughter and fun abound as much as groups of friends and beers. There are a large number of bars, but if we should name just a few we recommend you visit some of the most classic: “The Red Door”, “Bar Seddon”, “Granados Bar” or “Medium and Medium”.

Rock Nights in San Telmo:

If you want to know the Argentine rock, in the San Telmo neighborhood you will find two ideal options for music lovers: “La Trastienda” and “Mitos Argentinos”. The first is a place of concerts and recitals with a capacity for 700 people which makes the shows more intimate and the artists perform very close to the public. In “Mitos Argentinos” you also find recitals of under bands, as well as a lively dance floor with all the national rock classics.

Bowling and discs in San Telmo:

Moliere: Located in the heart of San Telmo, this disc with a capacity for 800 people opens its doors after 00. Hours on Fridays, Saturdays and eve of holidays. With live DJ, the best and most varied music and a variety of drinks, wide dance floors and the best lighting.

Club Museum: Located in a historic city building with a strong industrial style, this disc has an imposing dance floor with the best music of the moment.

Rey Castro: Another classic of the new Buenos Aires times, that although it is not in the same neighborhood of San Telmo, since it is in the neighboring neighborhood of Monserrat, it is certainly worth visiting. This Caribbean disco, also offers the possibility of dining different dishes of Cuban food, while in the background sounds different musical rhythms that seek to please the public and make it dance.

A world to know

Palermo by Night

For several years now the Palermo neighborhood became the epicenter of the nightlife of Buenos Aires. A trendy neighborhood that has different options for all tastes and ages, such as bars, pubs, breweries, discos or ethnic restaurants, as well as theaters and cultural centers.

The center of the nightlife in Palermo is undoubtedly Palermo Soho, and more specifically the area between the Plaza Serrano (which is actually called Cortázar Square) and the Plaza Armenia. Here we will find the main bars, pubs and trendy restaurants of the city. Every weekend night through the streets of Honduras, Serrano, Costa Rica, Armenia, Gurruchaga we will see an endless number of people coming and going, walking among the bars in search of the best place to spend the night.

As we told you before the discos in Buenos Aires are called “Boliches” and in the neighborhood of Palermo we can find many of these places to dance. Usually in this neighborhood they are not very large, but they are very crowded and fill up very easily during Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Among the most famous clubs and discos are: Ink, Niceto Club, Esperanto, Araoz Club, Kika and Honduras Hollywood, although there are several more.

bailar tango en buenos aires
The night to the rhythm of the 2x4

Las Milongas and the tango shows

If you want to live the true passion of tango you can not miss the romantic and nostalgic world of Milongas! Each ballroom opens its doors different days of the week, creating tango circuits in each neighborhood. In many of these milongas, besides dancing the tango, you can have a drink and many offer different dining options. In addition classes are taught so that everyone can learn to dance tango and nobody is left out of the fun.

Another option available to music lovers of the suburb is to go to one of the tango salon shows, much more “spectacular” than traditional tango, where a professional dance group demonstrates their talent to the public. Many of these places also offer dinner and wine tastings to complete a great evening.

clubs de buenos aires
Fun until the sun rises

Discos and boliches in Buenos Aires

If you want to know the true Buenos Aires party we recommend you visit some of the clubs in the neighborhoods of Palermo Soho or Palermo Hollywood. Here you can find different establishments with DJ music although there are also places where different rhythms are heard, such as jazz, bossa nova or live bands of alternative rock.

Another place to visit are the renowned north waterfront discs, there you will find much larger bowls that are filled with people every weekend. The best time to attend is usually after midnight, between 1 or 2 in the morning and depending on the place they end at 5 or when the sun rises.

bares porteños
An open secret in the city

The speakeasy: the secret bars of Buenos Aires

Have you ever heard of speakeasy? For some years in Buenos Aires the “secret” bars became fashionable, reviving a style that was born in the United States of the dry law, some of these bars have hidden doors, so it is accessed only by invitation, a previous reservation or others even through a password.

There are more than a dozen of these bars in Buenos Aires and without a doubt they all deserve a visit, but if we have to recommend only one of them, we leave you our selection of the three essential ones:

Uptown BA: Inspired by an abandoned subway station in New York, this secret bar offers an extensive menu of cocktails and dishes, all served with a special presentation. A place that will undoubtedly captivate you for its decoration and unique New York style, ideal for travel lovers.

Franks: A pioneer in the world of secret bars in Buenos Aires, the decoration and atmosphere of this bar is inspired by the crazy 20s and its signature cocktails stand out. To enter you need a password, which changes every week and is only achieved through your social networks. Then at the entrance, you have to dial a number in the phone booth and by magic a secret door will open that leads to the bar.

Florería Atlántico: Behind a flirtatious flower shop in the Retiro neighborhood, is a bar listed as one of the 50 best in the world. With an atmosphere inspired by the first decades of the twentieth century, its cocktail menu is one of the best in the city and also offers different types of tapas and dishes of fish and grilled meats.

recorrida de clubs en buenos aires
The best way to know the Buenos Aires night

The Pub Crawl in Buenos Aires

If you have little time, you travel alone or you simply do not decide which bar to go to tonight, surely PubCrawl is a good option to explore the Buenos Aires night. This concept that was born in Europe, consists of touring different bars in one night (hence its name, which we could translate as “crawling through the bars”). The good thing about these tours is not only allows us to know new places and that we may have never visited on our own, but we will also meet other travelers and share a good experience with them!

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