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Tickets for Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is packed to overflowing with exciting attractions, features, live shows and restaurant straight out of movies you will instantly recognize.
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Taiko drum experience in Osaka

Take a group drum class and learn the rhythms and history of a traditional Japanese drum used in ceremonies.
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Tatedou Experience: Samurai Lesson

Learn how to sit, move, and talk like a true samurai warrior or ninja in the shadow of Osaka Castle.
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Umemori sushi school in Osaka

Learn how to prepare your own sushi in addition to the Japanese traditions and cultural values ​​in the most delicious way.
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Food Replica Workshop: Bento Box

Make your own "shokuhin sample" and discover this unique Japanese tradition of making fake food, although 100% realistic.
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Sushi replica workshop in Osaka

If you are a lover of this emblematic national dish, you will like to know that the souvenir sushi keychains are real and they are fantastic. This is your chance […]
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Namba night walking tour

Enjoy a tour of the popular Namba district, and let your knowledgeable local guide show you the best corners of the city.
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Tickets for the Osaka National Art Museum

In this museum you will see an impressive collection of paintings, posters, prints, watercolors, sketches, photographs, sculptures, traditional crafts and furniture designed to show the best of Japanese art, as […]
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What to do in Osaka in 3 days

Stroll around Osaka Castle

This fortress is one of the most famous castles in all of Japan and played a very important role in unifying the country during the Azuchi-Momoyama period of the 16th century. In addition to walking through its beautiful gardens surrounded by canals, you can visit the interior of the castle, which has about eight levels and where there is a museum with interesting historical objects and the Toyokuni Altar, dedicated to Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Visit the Shinsekai neighborhood

This is one of the most lively and picturesque neighborhoods in all of Osaka, with a rare retro-futuristic look it is an area with many restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds, which are very striking for any visitor. The center of the neighborhood is its imposing Tsutenkaku tower, which is about 103 meters high and is a symbol of the city of Osaka.

Try the takoyaki

Whether at the Kuromon market or at one of the street stalls in the center of Osaka, you cannot miss trying the popular takoyaki, the star dish of Japanese street food. These balls are made from wheat flour and octopus slices. They are served accompanied by a rich takoyaki sauce, which gives the dish its name and are decorated with Aonori seaweed and dried Katsuobushi flakes.

Travel to Nara

Only about 32 kilometers separate the city center of Osaka from the town of Nara, a journey that can be done in just 40 minutes by train. A small town surrounded by nature and temples, where you can get to know the authentic essence of Japan. Although undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of Nara is its Sika Deer, which walk freely throughout the green area of ​​the great Nara Park.

See the neon signs of Dōtonbori

This avenue in the center of Osaka is famous for its bright and colorful neon signs, which have become the city’s definitive postcard for decades. Dōtonbori is also considered the gastronomic epicenter of Osaka, something very clear when we see the many restaurants, izakayas, cafes and street food stalls that take place here. All this in addition to its vibrant nightlife, which is reflected in the countless bars and nightclubs in the area.

Universal Studios Osaka

If you’re already a bit cloaked in so much “traditional japan” and looking for a more western experience, a trip to Osaka Universal Studios will never hurt. An amusement park where you can enjoy attractions dedicated to the world of Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Jurassic Park, Shark, the friendly minions and other Hollywood hits, as well as an area dedicated to Nintendo and its most famous video games, such as the game itself. Mario.

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