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platillos clásicos de barcelona

Bread with tomato

The bread with tomato is … what its name tells us: lightly toasted bread with crushed tomato on top and a touch of olive oil, simple but effective. This dish can serve as an accompaniment to any other meal or as a main element in a good Barcelona breakfast. Tomato bread is so popular in the mornings in these lands, that it can even be ordered on Mcdonald’s breakfast menu.

postres tipicos de barcelona

Crema Catalana

Egg yolk, sugar, wheat or cornmeal, milk flavored with cinnamon and orange peel, combine in a clay pot to create the famous Catalan cream, the regulatory dessert of every good Barcelona. A dish very similar to the famous believe rule, although with some subtle differences.

que comer en tu viaje a barcelona

Sausage with beans

The dish of the Catalan working class, this dish is not easily achieved in trendy restaurants, but in the most traditional. It consists of a very spicy sausage called butifarra, which is grilled and served with a serving of cooked white beans. Economical, forceful and exquisite!

barcelona foodie

Black rice

A very typical preparation of the entire Costa Brava, which is eaten all year. This close cousin of the paella is usually cooked with sepia, seafood, garlic, onion, tomato and the inevitable squid ink which gives it that characteristic dark color.

como comer los Calçots

Calçots with Romesco Sauce

The Calçots are a very common onion variety in the interior of Catalonia. They are usually consumed especially between winter and spring and prepared by roasting and serving them with the typical romesco sauce, which has tomatoes, garlic, peppers, almonds and olive oil.

comida tipica de españa


These are not for use on the beach, but you can take them and eat them in front of the sea! Bikinis in Barcelona are neither more nor less than the typical toasted ham and cheese. But why the name? It all started with the Bikini Room, a leisure place that opened its doors in 1953 and where this sandwich of French origin was served, the sanguches of this place became so famous, that finally the whole city ended up adopting its name.

comida tipica de barcelona


Before, during or after the meal, there always has to be a good portion of Escalivadas on the table! This preparation consists of roasted vegetables: eggplant, pepper, onion and tomato, which are accompanied with canned anchovy fillets.

que comer en barcelona

Catalan roast chicken

One of the most traditional and familiar recipes we can find in Barcelona. In it the chicken is roasted in the oven along with nuts (plums, raisins, etc.), creating a combination of sweet and sour flavors. It is a very typical Sunday dish, although it can be obtained in many stores of prepared dishes.

que son las cocas catalanas

Sweet and Salty Cocas

Cocas are one of the most typical foods of Barcelona, ​​although defining it is not something so simple. This stuffed bread is something similar to the typical Italian focaccia, which has different elements depending on the taste of the consumer. Although in Barcelona you can also find the sweet version, which is a real delicacy!

los mejores platillos de barcelona

Catalan salad

If we talk about “powerful” salads, Catalans undoubtedly take the first prize. In this dish the lettuce, tomatoes, onions and olives are combined with a little accompaniment of sausage, stuffed gut, ham and fuet. With salads like that I would like it to be summer all year long!

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