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This is undoubtedly one of the most German dishes that we can find in Berlin. The pork knuckle is cooked for hours, until it is extremely tender, so much that even a knife is not necessary to eat it. It is served with sauerkraut, boiled or mashed potatoes, in addition to peas and the typical pickled cucumbers.

salchichas con curry berlin


Currywurst is undoubtedly the star dish of Berlin street food. While there are many varieties, the typical currywurst consists of a roast pork sausage, which is served sliced ​​and with a hot ketchup-based sauce, which is sprinkled with curry. A typical dish that was born in the postwar era when traditional condiments such as ketchup were often scarce and had to be improvised, mixing the ones they had at hand at that time. Currywurst are really popular, and they are sold in street stalls throughout the city, especially in the immediate vicinity of train stations.

berlinesas rellenas pasteleria

Berliner Pfannkuche

If you are a lover of sweet things, Berliners is undoubtedly a dessert that you will love. The Berliner Pfannkuchen are made with an airy sweet dough, which is fried in fat, and then filled with jam inside and glace sugar on top. A pump of sweetness and calories, ideal to spend the Berlin winter. You can find them in bakeries, but also in supermarkets and street stalls.

comida callejera de berlin

Doner Kebab

Introduced by Turkish immigrants during the second half of the twentieth century, the Kebab wins the hearts of Berliners and especially their palates. So much this dish penetrated the local cuisine that today there are more Kebab stalls in Berlin than in Istanbul itself. You can order both meat and chicken, and best of all, the shops that sell them work late, or in some houses they don’t even close, so it is ideal to eat after a night of partying.

donde comer comida alemana en berlin

Königsberger Klopse

Returning to the more traditional dishes of Berlin cuisine, Königsberger Klopse is a meatball-based dish, which includes minced beef or pork, egg, onion, anchovies and flour. These balls are cooked in broth and served with a creamy sauce made with lemon juice and capers, accompanied with boiled potatoes.

ensalada de papas berlin


If we talk about salad to a Berliner, he will certainly think of potatoes! It is that the salad of potatoes, eggs, pickles and mayonnaise is one of the favorite accompaniments of Berliners and you can find it in most of the restaurants in the city, or even already prepared in the supermarket where they sell it in a kilos jar!

gastronomia berlinesa


Although for many of us pretzels were known from the Simpsons and Marge’s gastronomic adventure with its mafia partners. The truth is that in Berlin these bagels with a loop shape are a gastronomic tradition that have passed from generation to generation. You can get them in bakeries, coffee shops, supermarkets and street stalls throughout the city and they come in several flavors: with cheese, seeds, fillings and even chocolate!

Wiener Schnitzel berlin


While this is a typical dish of Austrian cuisine, Berliners adopted it as one of their favorites for centuries. In the schnitzel it consists of a thin pork, chicken or veal fillet, which is breaded and then passed through the fryer. In Berlin you can get it in many restaurants as a main course, but also in many places nearby, where it is sold as a sandwich. But if you are looking for something really native, you have to go directly through the Berliner schnitzel, a local adaptation which is made with the udder of the cow.

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